Welcome to DLM Publishing. We publish tabloid style advertising newspapers for local business professionals. Each Month we mail out our papers using the U.S. Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail System. Our paper will get your business into 10,000 different homes each month. Listed below you will see a paper title for corresponding industry click the title for further details.

Our Papers

The Legal Eagle

The Official Directory For Attorneys in The WNY Area.

Broker Broker

Our directory of local real estate and insurance professionals

The Tradesman

Directory for local trade professionals

The Doctor

Our directory of local medical and dental professionals

Why Print Advertising?

Grab your potential client or customer’s undivided attention with Print Advertising. Print media such as newspapers and magazines allow for unlimited exposure. Unlike television or radio where advertising time is scheduled, prospects have potential exposure to print ads at virtually any time. A newspaper or magazine left on a coffee table can be viewed repeatedly and at the reader’s discretion. The reader also has the opportunity to study the ad at his leisure and isn’t limited to 30 or 60 seconds.┬áPrint ads are less intrusive than other forms of media. Radio and television ads often interrupt programming which can sometimes be an annoyance. With print media, the prospect has greater control as to when she views the ads, which eliminates interruptions.

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